Wine Tasting

Visit of the new winery of Via della Stella, including a wine tasting. We will have a nice walk through the olive grove and the vegetable garden, accompanied by Chiara or a collegue. We will then take you to the new cellar where you will feel the place where our wines come to life. The modernity of the equipment combined with the charm of the old farmhouse make it a unique and authentic experience. Followed by the tasting of wines and a small tasting of typical products of our land.

Cost: €.15,00/person

Cooking class

At Via della Stella we organise cooking classes given by a professional chef. They take place in our kitchen and restaurant hall. Guests can actively take part in the preparation of the dishes; they will be able to write down notes about each recipe and film or photograph the various stages of the development. The course lasts about 2 and a half hours. The dishes prepared during the course will be served during the after-course dinner.

We offer two different kind of classes:

A: The School of Pasta: three different kind of home made pasta (Gnocchi, Tagliatelle and Pici) with three different dressings, dessert preparation.

B: Traditional Tuscan dinner with appetizer, 1 pasta , 1 second dish of meat and vegetables, dessert preparation.

After the class you will receive all the recipes. The cooking class starts at 4.30 pm and ends up with the dinner.

Cost: €.70,00/person (minimum 4 persons)

Astro Night


At Via della Stella you can enjoy a very special summer evening under the stars in the company of a professional astronomer equipped with a telescope and laser pointer. The evening starts around 9 pm, the lights of the garden are turned off to facilitate the vision of the celestial vault and our astronomer there tells a little about the history of the stars and planets. With the pointer laser will guide us in the search for the various visible constellations and with the telescope it will show us more closely the celestial bodies present in the sky in that season. So .. all ready for this nose up evening to enjoy an unforgettable natural show! A small refreshment will follow with snacks and drinks.

Cost: €.20.00/person